This is just the start of our journey with ANZ Internet Banking. So we'll keep you posted with updates as we go.

June 2016

Simplified registration

If you haven’t yet registered for ANZ Internet Banking, our registration process is just three easy steps that can be completed on all eligible devices.

Your home loan at a glance

You now have more insights into how you’re progressing with your loan along with key information such as next repayment date, interest rate and more.

Quick Pay buttons

We’ve added three new quick pay buttons to the Account overview pages so you can quickly navigate to make payments faster.

Easier views for your billers and payees

You will now be able to choose between a tile and list view of the billers and payees when making a Pay Anyone or BPAY payment.

Simplified ANZ Shield registration

ANZ Shield registration has been streamlined into a more intuitive process.

View toggle

This toggle feature appears on the home page, and some of the payment pages. It is represented by the following icon:

The image on the left represents “Tile” view. If this is selected, depending on your screen and browser window size, the information may be shown in a multi-column layout. You can view from left-to-right, top-to-bottom.

The image on the right represents “List” view. If this is selected, the information will always display in a single column layout and resembles the more traditional view.

ANZ Share Investing

We’ve changed the name of our online share trading service to ANZ Share Investing.

A hipster home office setup with the ANZ Internet Banking website open.